Top Training - allen Sinnen zum Erfolg - Klonner & Klonner OEG
Hr. Wögerbauer Herr Alois Wögerbauer,

"Language training is a very individual process. - Ms Ilse Klonner is not only a teacher she´s also eager to create a personal atmosphere and she´s interested in facts and details about both the student and the company. She´s also very flexible, not only with her way of teaching but also with the schedule for our training sessions.
And last but not least- she´s a very likable person."

Hr. Baumgartner Herr Mag. Dietmar Baumgartner,

"Our Austrian based Fund managing company operates nationally and globally. We have partners all over the world with offices in New York, London and even Hong Kong.
My daily business requires excellent communication skills in English as well as terms for negotiating and setting up contracts. Therefore it is essential to train continuously.
Just like me my trainer, Ilse Klonner, is focused on these targets and her training methods are very professional and flexible. So neither me nor my colleagues would like to miss our frequent training sessions."


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