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Medical English 

• English for Doctors (English Level according to A-levels)

Consultation talk with patients in English can be a challenge - even for experienced specialists! Whether small group seminars or tailor made one-to-one coachings  - hospital doctors or registered doctors will develop comprehensive language skills! The focus is on conversation between doctor and patient, on useful phrases and terms.

English for congresses and conferences

An unexpected meeting abroad, important negotiations with foreign partners, preparing and giving a presentation in English? No sweat – your personal coach will find a tailor-made solution!

Small talk, introducing oneself, giving information about your job, discussing current medical developments, presenting new achievements on the medical sector - these are some of the topics which will be covered in this seminar  - or in one-to-one coachings!


English for Medical Assistants

“How can I help? “ Do you need to see the doctor? “  Would you like to fix an appointment? “

This seminar aims at developing special language skills regarding : welcoming patients, taking personal data, arranging appointments on the telephone,………… A mix of theory- input and interactive role plays as well as gaining useful phrases and terms guarantee a lively and practical seminar.



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